“It is, hands down, the best alcohol-free sparkling wine I have ever tasted, and one of the best alcohol-free wines I've tasted overall..” 

Tamlyn Currin, jancisrobinson.com

Try Noughty organic, vegan non-alcoholic sparkling Chardonnay and never be left out of the party!  Noughty has been dealcoholised to retain the rich flavour of this beautifully crafted bottle.

For those of us looking for a non-alcoholic drink option that is delicious and served from a gorgeously designed bottle, Noughty is the answer. With 2.9g of sugar per 100ml, it’s almost half the sugar content of other non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

A drink as pure as it can be


Noughty is produced with 100% organic Chardonnay grapes, this delicious sparkling is de-alcoholised using a patented method and avoids adding unnecessary sugar or artificial aromas to the bottle, making it as pure as it can be.

Amanda Thomson, the Founder of Thomson & Scott, recognised several years ago that people were becoming increasingly concerned about what was in their food, but no one was asking what was in their wine.  Raised on a sugar-free vegetarian diet by a single mother who thought sugar was the devil, Thomson, a big fan of Champagne, wanted to create sparkling wines that were beautifully crafted and didn't require added sugar doses to mask impurities.


Beautifully crafted alcohol-free sparkling Chardonnay. For those who care what goes in their body.


The global non-alcoholic market is anticipated to reach an estimated $1.6 trillion by 2025. Sales of non-alcoholic drinks are exploding. Millennials and Gen Zers are drinking less than older generations in part because they live their lives online and want to retain control of their image and social standing. 

Other factors that drive the growth of the market include increased awareness amongst consumers toward proper health and well-being as well as changing their eating lifestyles to organic, vegetarian and vegan. 

Thomson originally launched Skinny Champagne and Skinny Prosecco into the UK market with bottles selling out in the first few weeks of trading and creating a major media buzz.  She has since grown the portfolio of vegan, organic and also non-alcoholic sparkling wine that is available in various countries including the UK, the U.S. (California and Texas), South Africa, New Zealand and Mexico.


Pioneers in the world of “healthy hedonism”


Thomson & Scott have created an entirely new sector in the drinks industry with other brands racing to keep up with Thomson & Scott's strong connection to the changing attitudes of young-minded drinkers looking to know what's in their glass, demanding purer wines that shun animal by-products and heaps of unnecessary sugar from the production process.

The company launched Skinny Prosecco in 2016 which became a by-word for “healthy hedonism.”  

Fans of the brand include White Company founder Chrissie Rucker, fashion designer Bella Freud, recording artist Ellie Goulding, photographer Mary McCartney and luxury designer Anya Hindmarch.  Partners include By Chloe, Psycle, 1Rebel, Ministry Does Fitness and the hugely popular East London events – Vegan Nights.


Here’s the technical data:




Varietal: 100% organic Chardonnay


Vineyards: Sandy and calcareous vineyards located in southern Spain


Winemaking: Traditional winemaking in stainless steel vats for a further de-alcoholisation by vacuum distillation with aroma recovery. The bottle is then lightly carbonated.


Alcohol: Zero

Residual Sugar: 2.9g/100ml

Kcal: 14/100ml


Certifications: Certified Organic



Tasting Notes:

Elegant pale colour with a crisp and ripe apple scent accompanied by a touch of sweetness. 



Great for aperitif and party nibbles, as well as with all manner of cuisine for those who choose not to drink alcohol.


Delivery costs:
£3.95 for standard 3-4 days
£9.95 for express delivery 2-3 days
For any order of one case or more.

We ship to the UK mainland - excluding Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Highlands and Islands. For these locations, along with any other country, do contact us at hello@thomsonandscott.com for a bespoke quote as we have local partner distributors in many territories around the world.